Gold Prices Rise As Sentiment Burden

Gold Prices Rise As Sentiment Burden - ON Trade Monday, gold prices continued climbing That Still. rising gold prices Approximately 0.8% Ke $ 1,214.55 price. Risk sentiment as The Keep burdened by US President Donald Trump's comments over the weekend. Could gold prices Cartoon Costume Plush Toys highest intraday price at the level of $ 1219.36 IN SESSION Asia.


Investors are increasingly worried look policy "American First" echoed Trump. A policy that could potentially trigger a trade war that is extensive with the major countries of Asia, in line with plans to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

For the next week, Trump policy plan at the beginning of his leadership chances will still dominate the market sentiment along with the US growth data 4th quarter on Friday.

Gold Prices Rise As Sentiment Burden | Rahman Auf | 5

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